Thursday, May 29, 2008

For the Morning Show Host Who Has Everything ... Almost

One of the (occasionally dubious) perks of doing morning radio is people send you things, hoping you'll talk them up on the air. Most of the treats are stupid-fun more than valuable, so you can't be accused of actually having a conflict of interest or taking payola. Turner Broadcasting sends me stuff all the time for their TBS & TNT shows. The only product they've sent that I've used (so far) was a canvas grocery bag promoting 10 Items or Less.

Today they sent this:

"Pajamagram" from the Vermont Teddy Bear company. A bunch of DVDs of summer shows and a set of flannels to get in the mood.

Ouch. As someone who gets up at 4am, I don't get to have much of a life, is it really this bad, already?

At least the hat box is kind of cool.

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