Monday, June 2, 2008

Your #41 Is My ...

Rolling Stone has published its list of the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time." No, really. As you'd expect, the peanut gallery has its pea shooters out and in some cases, rightfully. U2 comes in at #28 with "Where the Streets Have No Name." Really? That? Not something like "Two Hearts Beat As One," or "I Will Follow," or even "Gloria" or "The Fly" or any of those songs where the Edge establishes himself in your face within the first eight seconds? Whatever.

Further down the list is a real treat from a band that, if they hadn't existed, we might never have gotten a U2. Television was always one of those bands I meant to turn myself onto but never got around to it until 1992 when they reunited and made that wonderful album with "Call Mr. Lee" on it. While I was admiring that at work one day, my then PD, Jim McGuinn said, "hey, if you've got ten minutes, I'll give you the greatest guitar solo, ever."

In the interest of paying it forward:

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