Monday, August 11, 2008

Attack of the Killer East Nashville Tomatos

I missed out on most of the morning activities as I was busy bringing things back to 1988, but got over in time for the fashion show and some music. Thanks to great weather, this will probably go down as one of the most attended years.

Thee Phantom 5 onstage

Nashville artist Keith Harmon

It just wouldn't be East Nashville without ...

East Nasty represents for the Fashion Show

East Nashville people really do dress like this every day, all day.

Multiple choice: Who owns this hand?

Nashville Rage editor Kristen Whittlesey?
Nashville Scene food writer Kay West?
Lightning 100/Team Green's own Laurel Creech?
Tennessean Social Butterfly Heather Byrd

Attention demographers: East Nashville is getting in the family way ...

... and the Tibetan way

And sometimes it's just plain hot.


Brian said...

I wish I was in town for this.

Jack said...

We went out there too.

I still don't get it. :-)

Mary Brace said...

I don't think you're supposed to get it. It's a Zen thing.