Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nashville Scene Readers Poll - Yay Us! - And a Minor Rant

Someone brought in a copy of the new issue and Lightning 100 was voted Best Rock Radio Station. Also, we came in at #2 for Best Pop Radio Station and #2 for Best Urban Radio Station. So ... yay us and thanks, Scene readers.

Now, for the rant.

I have to assume the top reason people vote us in for "Best Urban" station is they do it as a joke, related to the fact our studios are in what some call, "the 'hood," at Marathon Village. It may be possible that some people who intend to vote for 101 The Beat maybe miswrite their vote, and/or whomever is tabulating results for the Scene misreads. Some people have speculated to me that Scene readers just don't know what other Urban stations are out there.

I feel badly for the people who bust their asses for ones that don't get a mention because some people think it's funny.

This past Monday morning at 5am another car deliberately followed me from 17th & Jo Johnston to the Marathon Village entrance. I never found out what they wanted, most likely because a sizable Marathon Fitness crew was right outside, out in front and the driver turned around and went back to the direction they were originally going. Thinking benevolently, I'd hope they were hoping I might be a drug dealer.

I just drive through, twice a day. It's not funny to me that there are law-abiding, non-violent citizens who are at risk of similar or worse encounters 24/7 because of economic segregation. No, that's not funny at all.

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