Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ugly Is as Ugly Does

Florida's Sun Sentinal decided to go People and GQ one better, like Maxim, and publish an "UnSexy" celebrity list. Their suspects: Amy Winehouse, Donatella Versace, Sarah Jessica Parker, Margaret Cho, Andy Dick, etc., etc.

I can only assume the list was put together by Sun Sentinal writers and editors (none are named) who will not be railing against the physical perfection industry anytime soon.

Most of the people on this paper's UnSexy list are not only famous and/or rich, but they're also extremely talented. It's interesting, how we go glazy-eyed and slobber over celebrities who obtain their success, in part, by appearance-based genetics we can never imitate (not without going under the knife, anyway) and then turn around and throw knives at people who obtain their fame and fortune in spite of looking, more or less, like the rest of us. It says so much more about us than it does the target.

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