Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Bet He Makes a Killer Omelet, Too

Hugh Jackman, Beyoncé
I think Hugh Jackman proved, Sunday night, there's a case to be made against ironic detachment in an Academy Awards ceremony host. Not that I'd want to see a fan-wank every year, but as much as I have loved Jon Stewart & Co, Jackman's sincerity was a nice change of pace.

The staging changes - stealing the intimate look the Emmys adopted in the last couple years - were refreshing for most of the show, up until a point. Specifically, the point where I was past ready for bedtime (I can't imagine how East coasters deal with this) was the point where I'd had enough of the reality show-type nomination readings. Was someone going to get an award, or get booted off the island?

But we all know what really matters — the fashions!

There were two trends I noticed, both returnees from the past: deep blues on the comeback trail, and serious construction. RPI-worthy.

First the blues - few but very noticable.

There was someone else, too, who took it a step further with awful 1970s' blue eye makeup.

Then there were the super-constructed dresses.

This is my tatt:

And these are my

Oh, never mind.

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