Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Song Away ....

Hi! Remember me? I used to post here.
Sorry for the absence.

Anyway .... this morning I was playing "Song Away," a tune from Portland, Oregon's Hockey. When I first heard it several weeks ago (hey. I'm old. I get up at 4am. I'm not first, anymore), I was immediately reminded of a song from the '80s Aussie band Mental As Anything called "Live It Up." Cheery, bouncy, but ultimately disposable. You hear it in the soundtrack of Crocodile Dundee. During the museum scene, I think.

Back to this morning. Today was the first time I actually listened to the lyrics. Disposable, indeed! The whole thing is a running indictment of the way pop music is crafted by cookie-cutter promoters and producers in the modern era and the chumps who are all too happy to brand themselves with mediocrity, in exchange for fame. Sample:

Make me a deal and make it good for me
I wont get full of myself, coz i cant afford to be
This is small town music, this is big town music
He's ahead of his time you know but, he cant use it
If only he could prove it

Tomorrows just a song away, a song away, a song away
Tomorrows just a song away, a song away, a song away
Its just a song away


See what your man has done to the world
see what the world has done to your man
You know im leaving you, you dont need me
Lovin you wasnt always so easy

For the working model go to YouTube.

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