Friday, July 11, 2008

I Fear No Tomato

I interviewed Jeff Themm recently and started airing the segments today. Jeff has taken some heat from people who, I think, see the Farmers Market as more of a Farmers' Flea Market than the Euro-style open-air market he and others would like to see it become, and that he's been charged to turn it into. Anyway, we were talking tomatoes and he urged me to check out Barnes produce, saying they had some twenty varieties of heirlooms. I didn't count, but he was probably close and they're selling for $2.50 per pound — well under what you'd see in a store. They're going to be gazpacho very soon.

p.s. — when I heard they were adding cilantro and fresh peppers to the Salmonella scare, I went straight to La Hacienda for lunch, Thursday. Just sayin' ...

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