Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There Will Be Heavies

As a result of intense overseas touring in 2007, when NME got turned onto Southern keyboard/drums duo Black Diamond Heavies, they were bowled over and did declare the punk-ass blues makers' debut album Every Damn Time "makes the Black Keys seem like choirboys."

We must not say bad things about the Keys, though; Dan Auerbach himself produced the Heavies' new one, A Touch of Someone Else's Class, which comes out in June. An outfit this unique has to work their asses off to help their natural audience find them; BDHs played barbecue joints on their last US tour. Expect it to pay off.

mp3 - "Bidin' My Time"
mp3 - "Leave It In the Road (again)"
m3u (iTunes): - "Stitched in Sin"

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