Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Middle Tennessee Bands to Check Out

First from Nashville: Ode Hazelwood, aka Mr. & Mrs. Hazelwood. A bit hard to describe; they aren't quite Southern Gothic, but almost. They aren't quite WW2 era big band, but sometimes almost. You should just check 'em out. Last year's Radio Noise was one of Nashville's best 2007 releases. Shawn "Joseph" Hazelwood is a highly thoughtful composer with major potential, and Raven Hazelwood's an eye magnet onstage, with her dramatic performances. The two met at Belmont and quickly dropped out. Catch them at the Family Wash in East Nasty on May 3, along with Jennifer Nicely.

Sound: Ode Hazelwood - "13th Floor"

Next up is Murfreesboro's Rollo Greb. Even if it does come from Kerouac, their name doesn't do very much for me, but the tunes are solid and evoke that high energy roots rock of the 1980s. I don't have their album. Yet. Check out Rollo Greb's MySpace page and if you're near the 'boro, they're at Bluesboro June 10.

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