Friday, April 25, 2008

Vampire Weekend Backlash Syndrome

An article in the Dallas Observer demonstrates the phenomena pretty well.

There's an urge to automatically discard any band that has a hype factor of 11 before we've heard a note - there's gotta be some label exec throwing money at mediocre crap somewhere. That, sadly, was my take when it came to VW until our music director, Keith Coes, brought "A-Punk" to the music meeting. They're aren't the second coming of Talking Heads, they're an enjoyable band, with an enjoyable CD, and I suspect that many of those who have a problem with their success may also be among the crowd that trashed Liz Phair for making an album that would appeal to 15 year old girls. So it's not for you - quelle horror.

Sound: Oxford Comma

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